One Of The Top 10 Best Scenic Views In The U.S., Sedona, Arizona

Super happy I got to experience how it is to hike in red sand. Sedona, Arizona was such a big difference compared to Washington State. This was my 14/52 hike in the 52 Hike Challenge. It was a hot day in Arizona, so we had to do more stops on the go as the dogs needed to rest and drink more water. We did the Devil's Bridge Trail, such a fun and easy hike. Although, it's rated as moderate as the last part is pretty steep with steps to get up to the bridge. Oreo who is black and white got his white fur all red and I had to give him a bath afterwards. Manhattan was excited to see sand for the first time in his life, but thought it was snow so he started to role around in the sand and got it in his eyes, poor pup. Marabou was with my mom, she only likes to hike off-leash and as I'm out-of-state of Washington, I didn't want any of us to feel uncomfortable. The day was just simply beautiful with the red rocks and blue sky. I'm so thankful for my life and what I get to experience on this road-trip!

Sedona, AR is a cute little town. The drive down to the creek is rated one of the top 10 best scenic views in the U.S. It's located about 1.5 hours south of Flagstaff. It is surrounded by red rocks, steep canyon walls, and pine forests. The town has cute boutiques, art galleries, and plenty of trailheads for outdoorsy people. The serpentine roads down to Sedona was probably the best views I've ever experienced in my life. I may sound way too positive and that I exaggerate, but the fact is that I don't. I wish every person in the world would have the opportunity to experience this. Arizona is far the most magical place on this road-trip so far! For more pictures and views of this please click here.

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