Next Stop: Grand Canyon

I don't think I've ever visited a more beautiful place than Grand Canyon. Little did we know that last tickets were sold at 5:15 pm and we arrived 5:14 pm. Lucky? I would have been so disappointed if we'd have driven all the way there and not being able to see it. My mom stayed in the car with my dogs as no dogs were allowed. She has seen it twice already so I was very thankful for that. We drove to the skywalk to see it as it was closer to our next destination on our road-trip. Another option is also to drive to Grand Canyon National Park where there are more opportunities to explore and spend more time. You can camp here as well. Grand Canyon provides an unique combinations of geologic color and the canyon is 277 river miles long and 18 miles wide. You can enter the park both through the north and south. However, the north rim is closed until mid May, while the south rim is accessible all-year.

There are plenty of bus tours that leaves from Las Vegas for tourists that are pretty inexpensive too if you don't have a car.

Grand Canyon is a "must-see" that I highly encourage everyone to have on their bucket-list. It was truly amazing y'all!

Life’s all about creating memories that will last for a lifetime. I’m a person who wants to explore the world! Being able to sit in my rocking chair when I grow older and share my crazy adventures and fun stories with others - make their ears tired of all my talking. And to be fortunate to say that I never had to question “what if” because I decided to always be brave enough to follow my dreams and desires that I created along the path of something that’s called LIFE.

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