Sometimes The Bridges That Are The Hardest To Cross Lead To The Most Magical Places

Today, we spent the time driving to Deception Pass to be close to the ocean. Little did we know how amazing the views were going to be nor that the weather was on our side, it's true what they say about Seattle, it rains almost every day. I met up with a new friend and we literally had a blast! The original plan was to take a little walk, but it was so freaking cold outside and I wasn't dressed properly.

On our way back home I realized what's important in life - to never give up on something we truly want. I tend to think a lot when I'm behind the wheels. When we face hardship in life or when something doesn't turn out in our favor, many people often tend to give up instead of continuing to fight harder and to find other ways that will bring us closer to our dreams and desires. I believe it's true that God has our best interest at heart and when one door closes, you don't know what God is saving you from. But it's also important to understand that just because we don't get what we want the first, second and sometimes even third time, doesn't mean it's not our door. A couple of weeks ago, something truly fantastic happened to me, but it was almost taken away from me because of how others handled the situation. But I never gave up! I fought for what I wanted and decided I wouldn't give up until I had done everything I could do. And believe it or not, my life is about to change completely. Sometimes the bridges that are the hardest to cross lead to the most magical places. It'll most definitely be the year of my life, 2018! A year filled with adventures! I will reveal more in a couple of weeks.

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