There's No WiFi In The Forest, But You'll Find A Better Connection

When I moved to Washington, little did I know that I would fall in love with the nature and all its beauty. I've always been a solo hiker, or I should say, I've been hiking with Oreo, my black and white furry friend. Lately, I have found friends who share the same interest with me and it's amazing to create memorable experiences together with others and to get lost into the forest and find better connection with nature. The other day, we hiked Lime Kiln trail. It's a different hike, or I actually want to say walk as it's very easy. You basically walk through a mossy forest along a narrow river canyon, past sites that were important in local history. Many years ago in this area, lime was produced from limestone here in a kiln that still stands. Logging was done in the area too. There was a railroad that ran along the canyon, but is gone now and most of the site has disappeared over the past 80 years. Although, some artifacts remain to be seen on the trail. It was a perfect hike to bring all three dogs as it was very flat.

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