Adventures In The Pacific Northwest; Two Seconds From A Car Crash

Our day started off very dramatic. A car entered the freeway in high speed, and suddenly made a 360 degrees turn on the other two lanes. We were literally two second from a crash. It'd have hit the passenger side of the car were I sat. God, knows what could have happened. Thanks to my friend Cate who was driving and noticed the car and stepped on the break. Nothing happened, and we are all safe! But never take life for granted, live every day as it'd be your last.

Even though from our earlier scary experience on the freeway, we made it to Oyster Dome, a fantastic little hike by the Samish Bay. This was my 4 out of 52 hikes of the 52 Hike Challenge. Nothing beats being active and being out in nature on the weekends. I can't get enough of Washington and all the adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Photo: @catetam - High Five Mommy!

Photo: @catetam - Oreo with his black lab buddy Rodger

Photo: @catetam - Gorgeous views!

Photo: @catetam

Photo: @catetam

Photo: @catetam

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