The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

Mid January; Martin Luther King Jr; sunny day, what is not better than doing a solohike with three dogs? Today was a day, where I've totally lived in the present moment. I drove to Heybrook Lookout Trail with my dogs in their assigned bags quietly in the car with no music - I could only hear and feel my own thoughts. There are lots of things that will happen in 2018 both personally and professionally so it's important to me to stand with both of my feet on the ground in order to make the right decisions for me and my dogs along the way. Life becomes amplified when we're in the moment. When I drove in the mountains, I turned off all the shatter, my voice inside my head that normally reminds me of things I haven't done or things I need to do and instead I could tune into my five senses (sight, smell, feel, taste, and hearing). I saw the beautiful mountains, I could smell the heat in the car that has an interesting smell that I don't know if I like or not, I could feel my hands on the steering wheel, taste the freshly brewed coffee I brought with me in a mug, and hear the sound of the car tires on the ground driving. I knew that I would bring this with me on my hike.

It was an incredibly gorgeous hike! Fairly short, but a steep uphill right at the bottom of the hike. Hiking with three dogs is a bit of a challenge as I have a puppy who is too young to hike and I limit him to do 1 mile only where parts of the hike is less steep, one female dog who doesn't like to walk, and a third dog who will lay down as soon as he gets tired and expects me to carry him. There are lots of carrying, but it's so worth it. Being together the four of us and going on an adventure like this makes me so happy!

Instead of "Happy Hour," I've introduced something that's called "Happy Hike," which is getting a hot cocoa after your winter hike. On the way back, I found this adorable place called Espresso Chalet and couldn't resist to stop by. They even had an assigned pet area! I love supporting local shops and small businesses and not to forget to mention, their hot cocoa was delicious! Perfect on the long way back home to Seattle due to lots of traffic from skiers over the weekend at Stevens Pass.

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