A Beautiful Sight, We're Happy Tonight, Hiking In A Winter Wonderland

Happy Sunday y'all! This day has been magical. Today, it was finally a sunny day in Washington so we went on a beautiful hike at the Talapus Lake. It was an easy and short hike, 3.6 miles and only 692 ft elevation. It feels good to start off the new year with easier hikes and then we can slowly increase the length and incline. At the lake, we got swarmed by grey jays who ate food we had in our hands. It was the 2/52 hikes of 2018 - a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, hiking in a winter wonderland!

The other day, I wrote a list of all the hikes I'd like to do before Fourth of July. Hiking has become part of my life and part of who I am and I'm so excited to explore new trails in Washington the next couple of months.

Today, I got to try my new micro spikes for the first time. Let me tell y'all, whoever invented these was a genius! Winter hikes have never been easier.

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