Can Dogs Detect Health Problems?

Why do bad things happen all at once? It's funny when one thing goes bad it usually escalates and when you start to deal with your first struggle, you barely have time to blink before another crisis appears. Some people say it's like a domino effect where one crisis leads to another. The same goes the other way around when something positive enters your life, typically other positive things comes your way. Why is that?

I look at life as a journey where we learn and grow on a daily basis and that everything happens for a reason. Lately, I've been very unlucky when it comes to my dogs. First, Marabou with her tumor on the eye. Secondly, Oreo with his tumor that will be removed and checked for cancer in a few weeks. Thirdly, Marabou now has liver problems and a serious UTI that has developed bacteria in which is now being analyzed further. Then there are other things happening, but there's no need to mention every little detail.

A few weeks ago, Manhattan started to be obsessed with Marabou. He sniffed her like there was no tomorrow. Oreo also sniffed, although not as much as Manhattan. First, I didn't really pay too much attention, but when he didn't stop, I suddenly had a very bad gut feeling and wondered if Manhattan was trying to tell me that Marabou had health problems? I raised my concern with a few people, but everyone thought I should wait, they thought it was nothing wrong with her, they said it was just better to wait and see. I did wait, two more weeks, but it only got worse, and I knew something was not right. Without Manhattan in my life, I wouldn't found out this about Marabou, at least not in a long time. Would it had spread to her kidneys then? What about her liver? Is it fair to say that I trust my 9 months old puppy more than I trust anyone in this world?

I'm a person who sees the positives before the negatives. I could if I wanted to look at life as being unfair with all the things happening right now and not to forget to mention all the veterinarian costs(!!), but instead of feeling sorry for myself and let the bad define my character, I choose to rise from the pain and be thankful for what I do have. I'm thankful for making that decision in May last year, a decision to get a third dog. Before I even know it, I'll overcome my obstacles, I'll just have to figure out a way to climb over to the other side.

Listen to your dog, and never underestimate his potential. Our furry friends are so smart and they are loyal, no human would be able to detect something like this in others.

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