Manhattan; Dog Personalities

It's interesting how different dogs are. Just like humans, dogs have different personalities too. I have never had a dog before who is this crazy as my puppy Manhattan. He can run around in the apartment like there's no tomorrow and he doesn't get tired either.

Every morning, he wakes me up 5:45 am sharp. No need to set the alarm any longer. Let me tell y'all this, he makes sure to wake me up the same time on Saturday and Sunday mornings too (!) with lots of kisses and snuggles. Sometimes, if I'm mean, I turn around and let Marabou take care of him so I can get 15 minutes of snooze. Marabou gets very annoyed and upset with him. He loves to bite my fingers so I usually place my hands underneath the comforter. Today, he discovered that he could just move the comforter with his paws and continue to chew on my fingers. Any suggestions how you train your dog to sleep in?!

This will be Manhattan's first Christmas and for the month of December, he has been very excited Mommy brought a tree inside the house...if y'all know what I'm saying. This little bundle of fur is the best addition to our family and we could never imagine how wonderful life would be to have him to be part of us. <3

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