MBA Graduate 2017; Attempted Terrorist Attack In NYC

I am finally done, six years of Marketing studies! It has been hectic past couple of weeks to finish up assignments and my final paper. Best feeling in the world right now! I did it! I'm an MBA Graduate of 2017.

Dogs are dropped off at a wonderful family so Mommy can get some celebration time after years of hard work! Left for New York last night and arrived early this morning. Last minute decision to skip dropping off bags at the hotel half a block from explosion and head straight to Harlem, NY for breakfast instead. My subway stop would be Port Authority taking the E train just at that time. Best decision in my life. It brings an enormous anxiety to New Yorkers every day not knowing where it will happen next. New York is the best city in the U.S. and the best place in the world, New Yorkers should be proud the police being so strong and acting fast. Not going to let this stop me from celebrating! Can't believe that one year already gone by since I was in New York last time. New York used to be our home for almost several years. That's how my third dog Manhattan got his name. Oh, how I already miss my dogs..

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