Hello, December; DIY Project - Dog Advent Calendar

It's December and I couldn't be happier! I love everything that has to do with Christmas! I decided to create something special this year for my three dogs to show them how much I love them. Just like for children, dogs need an advent calendar too - a Dog Advent Calendar. These are super easy to make and don't take long at all. Being Swedish, I did 24 days and not the typical 25 days calendar as Christmas is celebrated on December 24th.

You'll need:

Eight Paper Towels

(one toilet paper roll for 25 days calendar)


Wrapping paper




Dog Treats

Red Wine ;)

1. Start by rolling off the paper towels from the rolls. There'll be a lot of paper towel left over as you can see. I've made sure to compensate by only eating meat once a week for about a month and the rest vegetarian. I commute to work on daily basis and only use my car on the weekends. I will be using the paper towel to wrap some items when I move in 2.5 months.Trying to be as environmental friendly as I can.. When the paper towels are rolled off, cut each roll in three. It should give you a total of 24 rolls (+1 toilet paper if you want 25 days in your calendar).

2. Cut the wrapping paper so it'll be covering around the rolls. Each roll will be individually wrapped in the wrapping paper. The size of the wrapping paper for each roll should be approximately 12 inches wide and 7 inches long.

3. Place the roll in the middle of the wrapping paper and then cut each side as the picture's showing above. Wrap the roll with the wrapping paper and tape it. Place dog treats inside and tie the ribbon on each side of the roll.

4. Put labels on them

5. Hang them (I taped them on the mirror) on a designated spot in your house.

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