Thanksgiving 2017

Yesterday, I went to a Friendsgiving get-together and I had a wonderful time! Tasty food, delicious wine, and fun people. The host and his wife had made the evening really enjoyable for their guests and I am so thankful that I was invited. When I arrived at their home, I found their cute dog Burt by the entrance and I couldn't but help to greet him before I greeted the other guests, am I a crazy dog person or what? Such a cute and timid dog, with a big heart.

Today, I packed my pups in their designated car bags and drove to Everett to look at our tiny house we've rented. It is such a nice neighborhood and I am super happy about my decision to move there. On our way back to Shoreline, we passed Martha Lake for a walk. Oh Rainy, oh rainy Washington, when will you bring back blue skies and sunshine again?!

Dogs wearing their colorful raincoats to brighten up the gloomy day. Love taking them with me on my adventures around Washington. If you haven't already checked out our recommendations for this Black Friday, click here and you'll find the article.

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