Should We Move Into a Tiny House?

In less than three months, my apartment lease ends and I already know for sure that I won't renew the lease for another year. The apartment is super nice and cozy, but the management company is literally a nightmare. Apparently, the management company has decided to over-charge its tenants if they rent month-to-month with a 25 percent increase, so that's not an option for me. I've thought about renting it for 6-months, but 1) I'm not sure if it's possible 2) not sure what the extra charge will be.

I've briefly started looking into renting other apartments or houses, but the thought of paying extra again for a non-refundable deposit just makes me cranky.

The other day, I found a furnished tiny house to rent for three months this spring with a minimum deposit. It'll be a bit smaller than the apartment I live in now with very little furniture. The thought of opening the door into a yard without having to take an elevator to get downstairs to the first floor makes me very thrilled! The thought of knowing I'll be able to have my dogs playing in a yard makes me smile. The thought of having parking available instead of spending 30 minutes every evening looking for parking makes me excited.

There are of course also disadvantages that are necessary to take into consideration. My commute to work will be a bit longer, I won't be able to use my own furniture and have to put it into storage although, my monthly rent will remain the same including storage, and I am kind of nervous living alone on the "main" floor with my own entrance and only my private entrance - in a house.

I've realized how safe it feels having neighbors next door and having security downstairs. I may sound ridiculous, but it's important for me to feel safe. For me it's a big step out of my comfort zone living alone in a house. I grew up living in a house, so it's not that, it's rather the fact of living alone. Maybe three months will give me a taste of it, and meanwhile I can find a place permanently closer to Seattle. What do you pet parents think, should I go for it?

Imagine drinking my cup of coffee in the mornings here while the dogs play...

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