Is My Dog Pregnant

It has been a long wait to get answers. In the beginning of October, when we were visiting the Midwest, my unspayed female dog Marabou and my unneutered male puppy Manhattan were mated. Accidentally mated. Marabou was on day 10 in her heat cycle. I can only blame myself for not being educated enough about this matter. I've always thought that male dogs are the ones who whine, yelp, and bark as soon as they sense a dog being in heat and they can sense it from miles distance and run away from their yard to the female dog. My 6.5 months old puppy never showed any interest in her what-so-ever so interpreted it as there was nothing to worry about. I still had them separated most of the time, but to be honest, I also thought that it was a waste of time and energy as they didn't do anything until this one evening...

I was staying at the Hilton in Minneapolis when I left the room for about 45 minutes to go and get something to eat. I had left them alone a few times before this evening without a problem so why wouldn't I be able doing it again this time? When I got back to my hotel-room, I found my two dogs back to back and stuck to each other. I literally freaked out! And it was not my male dog Manhattan who had invited her, it was my female dog Marabou who pretty much tricked the poor puppy into this act.

I knew nothing about mating, getting stuck back to back, lengths of pregnancy, etc. But I will tell y'all this, I am probably an expert by now. Every day since it happened, I've read about it. I've almost prepared myself being able to help Marabou delivering her puppies. Since she was mated, she has shown pregnancy symptoms . She has become more affectionate, doesn't want to play as much, eat less, let the other two dogs know she wants to be left alone by showing her teeth. Marabou is the kindest dog I've ever met and wouldn't do any harm to anyone, hence I knew that something was up. Many dogs show the exact same symptoms even though it's a false pregnancy. It has been hard to accept that it's 80 percent chance for a dog to get pregnant. Luckily for me, Manhattan was only 6.5 months so the chances decrease in this case. The veterinarian said it is likely a 50/50 chance for her to get pregnant.

Yesterday, I found out that Marabou is not pregnant. She has just shown false pregnancy symptoms. Now, we can relax and not stress about it anymore.

In the U.S. it is almost mandatory to spay and neuter dogs. At least everyone asks about it and are taking it for granted that you will have it done. In Sweden, this is very uncommon. No one get their dogs fixed there. In my case, I'll have to figure out which one of them I want to get fixed so the problem doesn't occur one more time. I know better now, and thankfully, we live and learn new things every day!

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