It's Fri-yay; Planning Another Roadtrip

Another week has already passed - it's Friyay. Tomorrow, we're going to the veterinarian again to get all the information we need for Marabou. It has been a long wait to get answers. Other than that, we're probably just going to relax over the weekend. I spend all the time I can with the pups on the weekends and try not to book too many things without them. I love them so much..!

Pictures taken from our road trip we did in October visiting 11 states. It was one of the best trips I've done in my life. I've already started planning for another road trip next year where I'll be visiting the following states: Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. For you who don't know, my goal is to visit all states before I turn 40. So far, I've been to 33 out of 50. Some of the ones just mentioned above I've already visited, but I want to go back there because Oreo was adopted from one of these states.

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