Sunday Football; The Cone of Shame

Happy Sunday y'all! We're watching football and just spending time with each other at home. It's been one of those unplanned weekends, which has been very much needed. I haven't left the apartment except when I've walked the dogs. It's kind of cozy as it has been snowing outside. On Friday evening, I noticed that Oreo had scratched a wound underneath his right eye. I cut the hair around the area so the wound would dry and be open to the circulation of fresh air, which will help the healing process of the wound. I don't know why this happened to him and if it's a hot spot because of the area of his body. I've never heard you can get a hot spot around the eyes? I had a "cone-of-shame" at home for him to use even though it's a bit small. Every time we've been out walking and he accidentally hits a wall or a tree with his cone, he has stopped and looked at me with his big eyes. It's like he's a human being trying to understand why mommy put a cone on his head. Poor pup. He's devastated.

Let the best team win!! #Seahawks

Dogs wearing Jerseys and bandanas made by my mom.

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