Wine Tasting in Woodinville

On the weekends, I spend all my time with my dogs and bring them along anywhere I go. This morning, I took them to a dog park close to our house and then we got back home to get ready to drive to Woodinville. If we don't hike, we usually go to Woodinville to try out all of the wineries. What I love about many of these places is that they are dog-friendly and many times the owners offer dog treats too. We ended up at the Rocky Pond Winery as the lovely owner walked out just when we parked the car and saw my three Shih Tzu. She had a Shih Tzu in her family too.

I did get very disappointed about Rocky Pond, as I am not a huge fan of white wines and asked for reds instead (I prefer reds), she said that many customers start to like white wines after visiting her tasting room. I decided to be flexible and open to something new even though I knew I wouldn't like it. Two whites in, I said that I was done with the whites and wanted my last three to be reds instead. Apparently, they only had two reds (they didn't tell me this it was something I found out myself) and didn't offer me more of the others instead. I got 4 out of 5 tastings and still paid full-price.

I've been to so many wine tasting rooms in Washington and I've always changed my whites to reds instead without a problem. I just wish they'd have mentioned it before our wine tasting started. No matter how friendly and pet-friendly or how knowledgeable they're about their wines, customers should still get what they paid for. It's important being honest by saying we only have two reds, but you can have more of one of the two reds you liked best. My dogs loved their peanut butter treats though!

In love with my plaid shirt from Eddie Bauer.

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