Dog-Friendly Halloween Event 2017

We've had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, we went to a dog-friendly Halloween event in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Little did I know that so many fantastic pet parents would actually match their costumes with their dogs, I thought I'd be the only one. I ordered our costumes at Amazon, and unfortunately, Marabou's costume had one missing piece. We were the four Ninja Turtles!

It's incredible to be around people who are as crazy about their dogs as I am. Barkhappy coordinated this Howl-oween Pawty and did it well. I only wish they had price for the best costume. I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures, it was the lightning at the bar that made it hard to take good photos. Here are some photos of the cute dogs we got to know at the event:

Breast Cancer supporter, Bernese Mountain dog. As we all know, October is the breast cancer awareness month. This cutie matched its owner as well as all of her friends (as you can see in the background of the picture) in matching pink T-shirts.

This cutie believes that blondes have more fun, and I said that I agree. :) Sandy has two dads and is born in May, 2017. Dad had red pants to match puppy. IG account: @seattlecockapoo

Such a cutie pie. Her name is Bella and she had both her pet parents with her, dad here in this picture.

Loved this matching outfit! Super fun and chill people and like the cutest dogs ever named Pickles (4 yrs) and Dillon (1 yr). IG account: @frenchcutdillpickles

Jesus and Maria and their Charlie

Taco Zeus is living the dream in the Pacific Northwest and loves chewing on anything he can get a hold of! He has his own IG account: @zeuserstherottie

They are just freaking awesome!

The puppy Hudson was too cute and brought all attention to him. No need to wear a costume.

Oreo as the Ninja Turtle - Michelangelo

Manhattan as the ninja turtle - Leonardo

Marabou as the Ninja Turtle - Donatello (her headpiece was not delivered, but she got to wear a purple bow instead.

Seattle is one of the most pet friendliest cities in the U.S. and that's one of the reasons I decided to move here. We're looking forward to next Halloween Event in Seattle!

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