How To Hike In Bear Country

Washington State is home to more than 25,000 black bears and there're 1,000 for every one grizzly bear in Washington. Last night, I brought Marabou with me to Scuttlebutt Taproom and Brewery where Washington Trails Association (WTA) had an event about educating Washingtonians about bears. As I've mentioned in my earlier blog posts, I'm literally terrified of bears! This has prevented me from go hiking in the fall when it's prime season for hiking. WTA was very helpful and answered questions that I had. They taught me how to use bear spray and how to fight back a black bear. I'm a solo hiker, I haven't found friends who enjoy hiking as much as I do. They recommended me to join groups on Facebook and ask people to go hiking with me. Hiking in a group is better then hiking solo as you will make more noise. Making noise is the most important on the trails in order to not encounter and surprise bears. It's most likely a bear will become angry if she gets surprised by you.

I love going on events like this during weeknights. Scuttlebutt had wonderful staff working last night and WTA was very helpful.

Super cute polar bear on my lap and super tasty IPA

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