All Things Are Wild And Free; Road Trip In The USA

This day has been AMAZING! We left Denver, CO and drove to Salt Lake City, UT and it has been an incredible experience. We drove through the mountains and you has been freaking beautiful! It felt like as you could stretch your arm outside the window of your car and touch the mountains. Watching the fall foliage on the road was a breathtaking moment. I must say that life's best moments are about nature and most definitely they're wild and free, you just got to go out of your way to experience it.

I'm surprised how well my dogs are doing on the road trip as we spend hours on the road each day. My mom is sitting in the backseat with the dogs to keep them company, and it has worked out very well. In a small Mazda 2, we've maximized the size of the trunk with our belongings as well as the passenger seat.

We arrived at the Hilton hotel downtown Salt Lake City, UT, just in time to enjoy the sunset behind the mountains from our hotel room and to get the taste of some snacks in the executive lounge.

Today, I discovered that I've readers from three different continents and from 10 different countries. Also, 40 out of 50 states in the U.S. have visited my website. Thank you so much guys!!

I'll do an update about Salt Lake City, UT tomorrow

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