Pumpkin Spice Is My Favorite Season

My first impression of South Dakota has been how outgoing and friendly people are here. For no specific reason, people want to talk to me just to be nice. They love to talk about their history about Indians and how they continue to keep their traditions alive. I'm definitely not used to people being so open and inviting especially not after living in New York City for so many years.

My second impression has been how cheap everything is. From food to coffee and not to forget to mention the price of a gallon of gas!

My third impression has been about how people talk about dogs. This morning, I took my dogs out for a nice stroll and met some super friendly Indian people on my way back to the hotel. They wanted to talk to both me and the dogs and they told me how many people sold dogs to pet stores at shopping malls. One of them wondered if I purchased Oreo from a pet store since their friend sold all his black and white Shih Tzu puppies to a pet store about three years ago. No, my boy is a Kansas boy and most definitely not from a pet store.

Most people have said that both South Dakota and North Dakota are two boring state. I must disagree. South Dakota is wonderful! We stay at the Alex Johnson, Curio Collection by Hilton, in Rapid City. There are so many things to see here so we've decided to stay another night to explore the city of Presidents. Now, I'm going to sit by the fireplace and do some work and continue to drink my Pumpkin Spice Latte, it's fall after all!

Mount Rushmore National Park

This was a lovely place!

Beautiful views

Oreo makes sure we bring him along

Leaving Wyoming, we finally found the state sign

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