Sunday Football and Midterms

Spent the entire weekend in my apartment studying for midterms, except for going to Alderwood Mall doing a little bit of shopping for our trip we're going to in a week from now. I'm taking twice as many classes this semester in order graduate six months earlier than expected. For those of you who are new readers here, I'm obtaining my MBA in Marketing. I'm doing it online and some classes such as Accounting and Finance are very difficult for me without having a face-to-face interaction with a professor. Online studies mean it's twice as much to do because you need to read all the information yourself instead of sitting in a classroom taking notes. But it'll be all worth it in the end. I remember what one of my professors said to me while I was obtaining my Bachelor in New York City: "You will always have your degree. Your diploma will be a proof and no one can take that away from you." I agree with every word of what he said.

Between exams and course projects deadlines, I made sure to squeeze in time for Sunday football. My apartment complex is very quiet and it's rare you'll hear sounds from neighbors, but when it's football and your team scores a touchdown, that's a time when you'll hear your neighbors scream and cheer pretty loud. Happy Sunday y'all!

Need to get a jersey for the puppy too!

Unfortunately, Seahawks didn't win, but we hope that will change for next Sunday.

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