The Mountains of Washington State

Yesterday, Manhattan and I shared an amazing hiking experience together. We went to Mount Pilchuck located near Granite Falls for an early morning hike and it was one of the best hikes in Washington I have done. Unfortunately, the air was hazy so the view on the top was not in our favor to take good pictures, but it was still beautiful. Mount Pilchuck has a nice lookout on the top where you get a 365 degrees angle view around Washington. I'll most definitely go back here again.

I went with my youngest puppy Manhattan. Puppies cannot really hike because their bodies are not fully developed yet and therefore, I carried him the entire time except where it was flat. He truly loved it and tried to escape my arms or pet carrier so he could sniff on the ground. Many may question why I bring a puppy who cannot walk by himself and my answer is simple: as a solo hiker, he keeps me company! Often, I'll bring Oreo my oldest pup, but when the hike is more advanced and difficult as well as when the weather is above 80 degrees, Oreo won't be able to make it and therefore I rather carry a 5 lbs dog then 14 lbs dog. My third dog Marabou doesn't like to walk too much so I don't bring her very often. One of my neighbors take good care of them while I am out exploring the mountains of Washington State. Although, there are times when I bring all three of them, then I feel like a super dog mom!

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