Sunday Funday; How to Handle Fleas on Dogs

We just got back home from a visit at the vet and $202 less in my pocket. Marabou has gotten fleas. I realized on Friday that she had started intensively to bite and lick herself on several spots on her body and when I took a closer look there were several wounds. I decided to shave around all of the areas to expose it to air that I knew would dry out the moisture and speed up the healing process. Last night, I saw two fleas in her fur, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I knew that a vet visit was necessary to get a prescription for a hydrocortisone spray and treatment.

Marabou unhappy at the vet clinic

As fleas may spread through contact with other animals and I have three of them in my house, the vet said I must treat all three of them that would prevent re-infestation. I brought home the flea treatment, Comfortis in which is one of the best flea treatments on the market. It kills 100 percent of fleas on dogs in four hours. It is one tablet that provides flea protection for an entire month. $20/tablett per dog x 2 months. $120 for three dogs. I am sure these can be found cheaper on Amazon, but in my case there was no time to save any money, but to start treatment ASAP.

She has four spots like this on her body, poor poor pup.

It'll probably continue to itch on Marabou for a while even after treatment, then it's important to make sure I am present to prevent her from biting and licking her wounds otherwise I will need to put on "the cone of shame.." Although, I try to avoid the cone on all costs. I am about to start a deep cleaning of my apartment to make sure there is nothing here, not that it spreads that way, but better to be safe than sorry.

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