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Hello everyone! Welcome to The Blonde Dog Mom and welcome to my world among dogs! I am beyond excited to share what I have been working on the entire summer. This site will help bringing a global community together by openly share our experiences about dogs. The site is free from judgement and no one needs to be an expert, everyone is welcome!

Pet parents tend to firsthand go to family and friends who own dogs and ask for advice, but many times they haven't experienced the same issues and therefore don't have enough knowledge. Just like humans, dogs have their own personalities and issues and sometime it is difficult to figure out how to deal with problems that arise. Myself, I have three dogs and every day, I deal with resource guarding, excessive barking, and socializing my new puppy. My dogs are not perfect, but how I love them! Each one of us have our own knowledge and there will always be someone out there being able to help us by sharing their experiences.

This site also have an article section where I together with freelance writers share interesting articles about dog topics. There is also a spotlight section where you get a chance to have your dog featured.

I want to give a special thank you to Saffie Tillman, a Swedish web designer living in Broken Arrow, OK who has helped me make this site. I am excited that you found your way here and I hope you will enjoy this site!

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