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Dec 2, 2017

My dog is chewing up my apt

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Hey! Hopefully I'll be able to connect with other dog owners here. I've a pug that has bad separation anxiety. Every time I leave him alone in my apartment, he chews on my things. I try to put away everything, but no matter what, he still finds a way to find things to chew on. I only leave him alone for about 4-5 hours at a time and we have a very strong bond between the two of us. Anyone with the same issue who can give me any recommendation what to do and how to decrease this bad behavior?

Dec 5, 2017


I'm not an expert when it comes to separation anxiety, although I have some experience with it. I used to take care of a dog, actually a pug too who had separation anxiety. Not only did he find things to chew up, but also he went to the bathroom inside the house, so I kind of know what you're dealing with.

My recommendation to you is to first to understand that the dog can't help what he's doing so never punish your dog after coming home to a mess. Dogs by nature don't like being home alone because they're social creatures, just like humans. Think about if there's some kind of changes in you and your dogs daily routines. Have you moved recently, do you work a different schedule, usually separation anxiety is triggered if there are any changes in the dog's daily life.

To me, reading your message, it seems as your dog's anxiety is mild (maybe moderate) as you didn't mention any other "symptoms." A vet once said to me when I asked about ideas to help my friend's dog was to pretend that you're leaving your home without actually leaving. Grab your keys, coat, and put your shoes on, continue to do this for several times every day for weeks, this may help minimizing any separation anxiety from your dog. Also, walk into closets in your home or use another door that is not the front-door, but go back inside the house again. Increase the time you're outside with minutes, but make sure your dog is comfortable all the time while practicing. When your dog is more comfortable, start using the entrance door and do the same process over again.


Other things that may help too is give your dog a Kong filled with yummy stuff and make sure to always go on a long walk with your dog before you leave him or her alone. The most important thing is to understand that the dog needs to learn that it is not scary being home alone, and to earn that trust in you that you'll be back home again before they know it.


Good luck!


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