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Jan 5, 2018

Dog Leash


I have two Goldendoodles. They are still puppies. I wonder if someone have any experience of using a double leash and if you can recommend a particular brand?



Jan 10, 2018



First, I must say that Goldendoodles are just adorable!! Enjoy the puppy time as much as you can!

I recently purchased a double leash myself. Although, I have three dogs, I usually take turns when I walk them as it makes it easier. I randomly found a double leash on Amazon, which had good reviews. Search for:


(Double Dual Dog Leash, Petender No Tangle Dog Lead with Padded Handle for Two Dogs(5-6 Feet).


The leash is not bank breaking either, which is a good thing if you're on a budget. It's approx 5 feet long and doesn't tangle, has 360' rotation, and reflection.

Let me tell you this....it has changed my life forever! The earlier you train your dogs to walk on the same leash the better. My oldest dog Oreo has struggled a little bit to adjust into the new leash, but I'm positive he'll love it as much as I do.



Jan 23, 2018

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

I will give it a try. As you said, the earlier I train my dogs, the better.

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