Dogoscopes for the Holidays

Written by Dawn Liss | November 22th, 2017

December not only marks the beginning of winter - a time for all smart dogs to make sure that their owners have purchased warm woolen coats for them, but also the most festive time of the year. Whether you're an African basenji and you celebrate Kwanza, an Israeli Canaan dog who can't wait to spin the dreidel at Chanukah or a beloved mixed-breed who's anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, this is the month to have lots of fun, to renew old acquaintances and to make new friends. Happy Holidays!  

Olly, Molly, and Polly

Sagittarius - For dogs born between Nov. 23 - Dec. 21 


You need to improve your public relations skills and this season of celebration is the perfect time to do it! Why not invite that nice dog down the street, the one that you always chase over to share a bone? Make sure that your owner notices all your outstanding qualities, don't do anything naughty especially when you know he'll be shopping for holiday gifts. Be nice to all the party guests - especially to Aunt Sally, the one who is afraid of dogs. You barked so loud last year that she spilled her drink and ruined her silk blouse. It was a disaster that even Martha couldn't rectify. Decorum is the key to a successful and enjoyable holiday season. 

Capricorn - For dogs born between Dec. 22 - Jan. 20


Dogs born under this sign are the ultimate party planners. Why not host a party for all your canine friend, invite them to come as their favorite holiday character. We know that you like to share opinions, but please don't comment on Aunt Emma's prime rib. Don't spoil her holiday by saying the meat is overcooked. Be grateful for all the gifts you receive and be sure to thank everyone with a kiss even if they give you the same old thing every year - those ugly electric-green tennis balls. Enjoy the holidays, don't eat too much, and remember to make and keep that New Year's resolution you've been putting off for years - go on a diet and stick to it! 

Aquarius - For dogs born between Jan. 21 - Feb. 19

Be careful for not overindulge during this wonderful time of the year. Remember what happened last time you helped yourself to the appetizer tray? Like Capricorns, you need to stay "fit and trim" and take better care of your health. Even if it's cold outside, bundle up and get outside, enjoy the beauty of winter and go for a walk. Savor the opportunity that you have to enjoy the priceless gifts of friends and family. You often tend to seek out the glitzy and elegant, be grateful for the presents you receive and don't put a price tag on them. So what if you didn't get that fancy sweater that you saw in that posh doggie boutique? That homemade version will keep you just as warm.

Pisces - For dogs born between Feb. 20 - March 20

Determined dogs born under this sign waste no time in getting things done. They either sit under the tree to make sure that their owners won't forget them on Christmas Day or are certain to be at the Menorah lightning each evening so they won't miss out on the family celebration! The holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to recapture lost friendships, share that leftover steak with the beagle next door that you growled at the other day and tell him that you still want to be friends. You've been learning new tricks and practicing for weeks, so don't be afraid to show off for the holiday guests. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Aries - For dogs born between March 21 - April 20

Canines born under this sign love to get involved in family squabbles, now is not the time to start trouble. Be careful not to break those expensive imported decorations by sweeping them off the table with your tail. Your health is finally improved - keep it "in check" by not overeating during the holidays. Limit yourself to a few simple treats and keep away from the candy dish. Those amaretto truffles might look appealing, but you know that chocolate is not good for dogs. Plan on spending some time in the New Year learning some advance obedience routines, it is a great way to stay healthy and to strengthen the bond that you have with your owner. 

Taurus - For dogs born between April 21 - May 21

Born under this sign of the bull are always happy. The holiday season is your favorite time of the year so spread some holiday cheer! Why not visit a nursing home or an elderly neighbor and share your paw and heart with someone who might be feeling blue? Although, your owner admires your exuberance, please try not to knock over the Christmas tree. Stay cheerful and positive and remember Uncle Frank - the one who loves to play fetch and who always feeds you those yummy cocktail franks from the hors d'oeuvre tray. Don't lose sight of him at the family get-together and you'll be well taken care of and assured of dreaming of Santa Claus on a full stomach.  

Gemini - For dogs born between May 22 - June 21 


Gemini are great problem solvers so when your owner can't find the box of gingerbread cookies that he bought for old Uncle Tom, use your great olfactory sense and find them, but be sure not to damage the packaging. They are not dog treats! Speaking of Uncle Tom, sit up and beg to go visit him at the retirement home and be sure to wear your best holiday bandana! Don't be too stubborn, your evening might be broken for a few days by last minute holiday shopping and parties, but rest assured, your owner hasn't forgotten about you. Those long walks that you love so very much will resume once January rolls around. 

Cancer - For dogs born between June 22 - July 22


Dogs born under this sign are very shrewd, but should remember that it's not very nice to trade one half-eaten steak bone for your collie friend's new Christmas toys. Keep an open mind, you'll come to love that purple and yellow sweater that Aunt Bea knitted even though it looks pretty ghastly right now. Get out and visit the neighbors, but watch your waistline and don't take too many samples. Stay away from that duck that the nice old man down the road is cleaning on his backyard workbench, that's his holiday dinner! Remember to thank your owner for all the wonderful gifts he bought you by showing your appreciation. Surprise him and bring him his slippers some night. 

Leo - For dogs born between July 23 - Aug. 22

Dogs born under the sign of the lion are good financial planners. Be sure to stock up enough bones as it's going to be a long winter Don't bury them in the ground - it'll be frozen. Hide them in the garage. You are very attractive and looks so handsome on those holiday greeting cards that your owner had made with your picture. Take a bow and enjoy all the compliments that you receive! People don't have to know that it took three hours and hundred shots to get the right picture - thank God for digital cameras! Have fun at all the parties that you attend and be sure to look in your stocking on Christmas morning. There will be a special treat, something that you have wanted for a very long time. 

Virgo - For dogs born between Aug. 23 - Sept. 23

You are a perfectionist and want everything in order, so make sure that all your toys are neatly piled so none of the guests will trip over them and end up and end up with a broken leg! Avoid excessive streets and and physical and mental exhaustion, learn to relax and take the holidays in stride. Don't worry if everything on your long list doesn't get done. Winters offer a wonderful opportunity for exercise, just bundle up and go out and play in the neighbors snow fort. You love to solve problems, so be sure to bark loudly when the UPS man drives up the driveway and your owner is on the telephone. You don't want to miss any deliveries, after all those packages might contain your presents. 

Libra - For dogs born between Sept. 24 - Oct. 23

Dogs born under this sign are wonderful family dogs. You should use this festive time of the year to strengthen the bonds with loved ones. Spend some quality tine by relaxing by the fire. So what if you can't sing, you can bark along with your favorite holiday tunes. It's important that you make a good impression during the holidays, stay where visitors can see you, which means that you cannot stalk off and hide under the bed. This is your favorite time of the year because Aunt Jane always makes a good supply of those liver-flavored doggie biscuits that you love! Be sure to share them with that pretty Cairn terrier friend who lives down the street. Who knows? You might have a new friend. 

Scorpio - For dogs born between Oct. 25 - Nov.  22

Scorpios love people, so be sure to give Santa a great big Smooch when you go to have your picture with the "jolly old soul." Avoid pettiness, let the cat have his way once in a while and he'll think more of you!

Dogoscopes for October

Written by Dawn Liss | October 8th, 2017

The colorful month of October offers numerous opportunities for fun. Whether it's to get outdoors and bury that bone before the ground hardens or to take a walk with your master to enjoy the smell of musty falling leaves and fireplaces starting up and cool Autumn nights, this month of ghosts and goblins is filled with countless possibilities where dogs of all breeds can let their tails hang for a while. Get outdoors and enjoy all the beauty that the month has to offer. All dogs should know that it's not safe to eat chocolate - so be sure to beg for a doggie cookie or small bone when you go out trick or treating!

Canine's - here's your dogoscopes for the month of October.

LIBRA - For dogs born between Sept. 24 - Oct. 23

Dogs born under this sign love to investigate, so use your talents to find that pair of purple socks that landed at the bottom of the bedroom closet. Don't use your powers of investigation to knock over the kitchen trash. Stick to a regular routine and please be mindful of others - a steady routine doesn't necessarily mean waking your owner out of a deep sleep at 6:00 am. on Saturdays and Sundays! Gee, let the poor guy rest! Charity is your strongest point - so share some of your bones with the collie down the street.

SCORPIO - For dogs born between Oct. 24 - Nov. 22

Clever canines born under this sign will achieve their greatest success by assisting others. This means that you should learn to fetch the daily paper, with the exception of Sunday's edition, which is too heavy. You might also want to try to get your master's slippers. Promote community affairs by agreeing to go to a local school or hospital to let the people pet you. And for heaven's sake, don't make fun of that poodle that always shows up at everything! Don't ignore worthwhile friends - call that basset down the street and invite him to come over and play.

SAGITTARIUS - For dogs born between Nov. 23 - Dec. 21

Dogs born under this sign should avoid creating unpleasantness in their relationships. Let the Old English Sheepdog next door think he's smarter than you - after all, everyone knows that he flunked obedience school and doesn't have too much tucked under that hair! Go out and meet influential people - make your owner take you to the Mayor's "Dog Day in the Park." You'll be popular this month - especially when you help your owner hand out the trick and treat bags. But remember ... Don't eat any of the candy!



CAPRICORN - For dogs born between Dec. 22 - Jan. 20


Canines born under this sign need not accept present decisions. If you want a new bed, continue to hop in your owner's sack first thing every night until he breaks down and buys you a boudoir of your own. Be honest about your goals - if you want to look like Jenny Hound. stop eating all that food and quit barking for seconds. Look at the other dogs in the neighborhood - especially that sleek Doberman who lives down the street - to get a better picture of what a well-fed dog in good health should look like. Remember to set your goals high - you're a smart dog who can achieve anything. 

AQUARIUS - For dogs born between Jan. 21 - Feb. 19

Dogs born under this sign of Aquarius love to save and are very resourceful. Don't forget where you buried all those luscious steak bones! Avoid of displaying a lack of self-confidence - when that Shetland Sheepdog who gets all the perfect scores in obedience makes fun of you - simply pretend that you didn't hear a thing. This month offers plenty of opportunities for you to restore your health and vitality, so once the veterinarian gives you the high sign, start walking with your owner every night after supper and soon you'll be as fit as a Pharaoh Hound.

PIECES - For dogs born between Feb. 20 - March 20

Curious canines born under this sign should highlight their public relations skills. If you're a member of a breed whose reputation has suffered in the past, be sure to go all out to charm folks and to win new friends. Observe the tactics of competitors - learn what they are doing and beat them at their own game! Avoid underestimating people your master is smarter than you think he is and knows it was you who stole that doughnut from the plate on the kitchen table, so don't circle one of the children, trying to place the blame on the poor Tyke! 

Olly, Molly, and Polly

ARIES - For dogs born between March. 21 - April 20

Dogs born under this sign should avoid becoming too involved with other's problem. For dog's living in a two canine family, this means not barking your disapproval every time your owner punishes your housemate because he's misbehaved. Be sure to adopt some new work methods - and strengthen your relationships. One way to do this is to be nice to the mailman! You should use this month to start eating better - avoid those late snacks - and try to gain some new dietary habits!

TAURUS - For dogs born between April 21 - May 21

Canines who were born under this sign of the bull should avoid risking money on unsound schemes. For dogs, this means not trading your pile of bones for some newfangled concoction that the boxer down the street is touting for hair loss! It simply doesn't work! Be sure to strengthen family ties - go to the family picnic and behave yourself. Don't snarl at Uncle Vinny's new wife even if she's his fourth and you liked the second one better. Be sure to show your artistic creativity - but be forewarned, don't try it on Halloween, just before the trick-or-treaters arrive. 

GEMINI - For dogs born between May 22 - June 21

Dogs born under this sign should concentrate on matters of the home. This means that you should sit down and draw a truce with the family cat and try to get along with him. You're driving the poor tabby to distraction - and it's not fair. You should also stop displaying a stubborn attitude and start doing what you're suppose to do. You love older people and have done a great deal of good for that elderly woman down the block who delights in your visits to her rose garden when she's out pruning and clipping. So what if she thinks you're a Pomeranian - you and everyone else knows you're a very proper Schipperke.



CANCER- For dogs born between June 22 - July 22


Canines born under this sign displays mental agility and shrewdness: Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks? Avoid having your owner spending too much money on new toys - the old ones will do. Be sure to voice your own opinions - don't let that Great Dane over at the doggie daycare center win all the debates, but be sure what you say is important and not petty or quarrelsome. Take a journey to a nearby place - remember that nice old lady in the white house with the green shutters who gives dog biscuits on Halloween? Remember to visit her.

LEO - For dogs born between July 23 - Aug. 22

Dogs born under the sign of the lion will achieve great success during the month of October by finding lost items with hidden values. Remember that old silver earring that your owner lost? You know it's under the baseboard near your dish. Sweep it out with your tail and bark! The mistress of the house will reward you greatly when she discovers that you found that ugly family heirloom. Ask for some new possessions - you need a new leash and could use a coat to protect you from the elements on those long cool fall nights. Have fun at the library cake sale, but just eat one of those oatmeal cookies - a whole plate might be delicious but it'll prove to be too fattening. 

VIRGO - For dogs born between Aug. 23 - Sept. 23

Dogs born under this sign should avoid excessive physical exhaustion. Remember, even though summer has passed, there still are some warm days ahead. Be careful! Avoid making a poor impression on the neighbors - stay out of their mums! You can win new friends and be quite influential by trying to be a little bit more likable - so extend your paw more often. Take charge of your surroundings - be a little neater and clean up that pile of bones and toys in the entry hall. You don't want any young goblins falling when they come howling for their candy!

Dogoscope for September

Written by Dawn Liss | September 14th, 2017

VIRGO - For dogs born between Aug. 23 - Sept. 23

Canines born under this sign make all their decisions based on facts. They strive to put their best paw forward and enjoy pleasing their master. Like an enthusiastic bloodhound, Virgo's take hold of problems and get the job done - a trait, which makes these dogs outstanding obedience performers. While Virgo's like to work hard, they should remember that September could still be warm so they should avoid excessive mental and physical stress and drink plenty of cool fresh water. Learn to relax and enjoy the ride!

LIBRA - For dogs born between Sept. 24 - Oct. 23

Dogs under this sign love routine. They get up every morning and want to be fed at the same time, are sometimes wary of strangers and can tend to be a bit oversensitive. Libra's can strengthen their faith in their master by spending more quality time together - not by going off and hiding in the bedroom, but rather by sitting next to their owner during the nightly news. A walk in the park might help, too. They should be careful not to be caught up in any romantic entanglements. Our shelters already have enough of unwanted puppies.

SCORPIO - For dogs born between Oct. 24 - November. 22

Canines that have this sign should not be too proud to ask for assistance. They need to howl for help and it soon will be on its way. Scorpions love people and do best when promoting community affairs and participating in parades and walkathons - especially those that benefit animal causes. Dogs born under this sign should avoid disagreements - it just is not worth fighting over that big ham bone. Worthwhile friends should not be ignored and master's funds should not be depleted - you don't need a new collar, you'll get one for Christmas.

SAGITTARIUS - For dogs born between Nov. 23 - Dec. 21

Dogs born under this sign have got to do a better job of getting their masters to notice them favorably - even if it means stepping outside a few minutes early every morning to get the newspaper as the fall temperatures start to plummet. Sagittarius should avoid being unpleasant - be nice to all those tailgate partygoers - even the selfish chap who won't share a snack with you. Get out and meet some influential people - shake paws with all those campaigning politicos and tell them what a good dog you are.



CAPRICORN - For dogs born between Dec. 22 - Jan. 20


These dogs believe in long range planning - they want to know what Santa is bringing them, even if it's still September. Like the beagle, these dogs believe in sharing their opinions , and can be quite vocal, although they are honest, and do not like to hurt anyone's feelings. However, sometimes they spill the beans a little too soon and would probably be better off.

AQUARIUS - For dogs born between Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 


Pooches born under this sign need to take stock of their health and vitality. A bit of self-restoration is needed, which means that Aquarians need to rest, relax, and savor all that this precious life has to offer. Present routines need to be revamped, perhaps it's time to gently pull your master in a new direction when you head out for your nightly walk. Try to be more economical - do you really need that expensive dog shampoo when a less costly brand won't damage your master's pocket-book?

PISCES - For dogs born between Feb. 20 - March. 20

Dogs under this sign are strong-willed and able performers, which make them stars in the obedience and agility rings. These canines thrive on competition and love to win. Piceans need to observe the tactics of their competitors and learn some new tricks, must be willing to support their master at all times, and most important, must listen to advice. This is something that some Piceans fail to do and lose out as a result., often damaging or ruining relationships. Rather than being so quick-tempered and sulking, you need to hear what you owner has to say and see that there is a reason why junk food can't be eaten just hour before dinnertime.

Olly, Molly, and Polly

ARIES - For dogs born between March. 21 - April. 20

Dogs under this sign tend to be busy bodies. They like to get involved in everyone's business, whereas they should mind their own affairs and focus and strengthening relationship with family members. Arians involved in performance work can tend to be a bit sloppy in conducting their routines and need to adopt some new work methods in order to achieve better scores. Some Arians may be facing medical problems, but should not be overly concerned. As long as you follow your veterinarian's and master's advice and do what you're told, all will be well. 

TAURUS - For dogs born between April. 21 - May. 21

Canines that claim Taurus as their sign are eternal optimists. Like bearded collies, you are always happy. However, these dogs need to channel some of their exuberance into positive outlets of self-expression, which means that the garden and living room are off limits and can no longer be destroyed. These dogs love children and can play a positive role in teaching children that canines are indeed "man's best friends." Sometimes stubborn, the Taurus dog sometimes needs to learn to take a different viewpoint in order to promote harmony with their good attitude, this should not be difficult. Remember: your positive attitude is your best quality, use it wisely.  

GEMINI - For dogs born between May. 22 - June. 21

Dogs that follow this sign love older people and are great companions for the elderly. Because of their caring nature, insight and gentle demeanor, they also enjoy participating in pet therapy programs and in visits to schools. Gemini's are great problem solvers and are often called the "thinkers of the doggie set." While these dogs are intelligent, they are sometimes a bit too stubborn, which is a terrier-like quality that all dogs need to control. Learn to occasionally "give in" and see the other person's (or dog's) point of view and life will be better. 



CANCER - For dogs born between June. 22 - July. 22


Canines born under this sign tend to display great mental agility and shrewdness against, qualities found in many of the terrier breeds. These dogs should avoid idle chatter, petty talk or quarrels - which means no fighting over the back fence or at doggie daycare and should strive to keep an open mind. Short trips are in order - perhaps a trip for ice cream or to a nearby park is long overdue. Remember to avoid chocolate even though you love it, it's just not good for you!

LEO - For dogs born between July. 23 - Aug. 22 


Leos need to keep their documents in sage places, which means that they must pay closer attention to where they leave their toys and bones. Dogs born under this sign might find items with hidden value - perhaps a lost shoe in the bottom of the closet or a set of keys that were dropped in the sand at the beach. You are attractive-and you know it- and just may end up starring in a commercial for a local company. If you do,be sure to ask for some sound financial advice and don't let the payments and royalties be put towards your owner's new BMW. Reap your own rewards and enjoy your own gravy train! 

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