All You Need To Know About Caring For Dogs during Natural Disasters

In A Dog's Life | Written by Emily White 

Are you a resident of the Earthquake Pacific Northwest of America? Reports are looking into the possibility of an intense earthquake wrecking havoc in the near future. There is a great need of safeguarding the interests of our families and homes. However, most people tend to forget to prepare and meet the needs of their dogs and disasters before, during, and after a natural disaster hits. How can you approach such a situation to make sure that your PNW dog survives the shock of an earthquake?

Tips On How To Stimulate Your Dog's Appetite

In Dog Food | Written by Emily White

A pet dog losing its appetite is not an uncommon thing. However, as common as the occurrence may be, it should be dealt with immediately. A dog should eat at least twice a day.

Be sure to watch the quantity your dog consumes on a daily basis. Experts and veterinarians always advice dog owners to learn their dog’s behavior. This way, you can quickly spot when something is wrong.

The Cold, Canines, and the Chance of Snowflakes

In A Dogs Life | Written by Etta Grue

As you prepare to battle the cold by turning your home into a cozy bunker, remember that your canine friend needs to be protected as well. How is this done? Here are a couple of tips that will guide you. It is very easy to get carried away by the preparations so put it on your to-do list...

Winter Date Nights: How To Include Your Dog On A Date 

In Dogs & Dating | Written by Etta Grue

We have heard endless of stories of both men and women who have spent time to get to know each other over a couple of drinks at a bar or who have spent an enormous amount of money at expensive restaurants. The same goes for couples who have been dating for years and continue to cherish their relationship, but many end up going to the movies and then straight back home. These dates can be very romantic in many ways, but at the same time boring, right? Why not spice it up a little and make 2018 more adventurous? And who said dates have to be at night time anyway? The key word about dating is to have fun

Does Man's Best Friend Have Emotions?
In Man's Best Friend | Written by Emily White

A dog’s loyalty and companionship are unique and can’t be duplicated elsewhere. You hold them, play and bond with them as well as rely on them so much. They have such major roles in the so called human world. There are dogs for guiding, therapy, war, herding, searching and rescuing, acting, detecting, tracking and hunting and the most common best friends.

Why I Am A Crazy Dog Lady
In Man's Best Friend | Written by Johanna Lekhammar

Not to distinguish human beings, children, dogs, and other animals, I've noticed that this phenomena, have awaken lots of emotions in people like it's obvious that human beings are worth the most and that children are on top of the list. Pets are always lower on the list. To be honest, I can understand that other people feel this way, but it doesn't mean that I feel the same way! My dogs are my family! I believe that the way I love my dogs is difficult for others to understand just as it is for me to understand the feeling of loving a child.

Once Upon A Canine Christmas
In Dog Food | Written by Emily White

Tis’ the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner. The halls have been decked with holly, red and green is the theme everywhere, the Christmas tree is up and your favorite Christmas playlist is on, what else is left? The food! All your senses need to get into the spirit, no one gets left behind, not even our pets. Aside from the new collar you intend to get your loving companion: your pet, you should try spicing up the meals. As a pet parent, every aspect should be covered when it comes to celebrations. Let’s pretend that this is the only time that you get to impulse buy without any shame.

Black Friday Deals For Dogs
In Prices | Written by Etta Grue

The turkey is eaten, family members are dropped off at the airport to go back home, now it's time to find good deals for your pup that won't cost you a fortune. Pet parents, it's Black Friday! Here's a list of brands that The Blonde Dog Mom likes and recommend:

Dogoscopes for the Holidays
In Dogoscope | Written by Dawn Liss
December not only marks the beginning of winter - a time for all smart dogs to make sure that their owners have purchased warm woolen coats for them, but also the most festive time of the year. Whether you're an African basenji and you celebrate Kwanza, an Israeli Canaan dog who can't wait to spin the dreidel at Chanukah or a beloved mixed-breed who's anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, this is the month to have lots of fun, to renew old acquaintances and to make new friends. Happy Holidays!  
7 Gift Ideas For Dogs And Their Owners
In Prices | Written by Etta Grue

Finding the perfect gift for someone special is never an easy task. Buying a gift for a dog lover may be difficult, especially if we don't have pets on our own, hence have no idea what they'd like. Holidays are not suppose to be stressful, but instead filled with joy shared with loved ones. The Blonde Dog Mom wants to minimize any possible anxiety you may experience and has compiled a list of gifts that would make any dog owner happy:

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