Tips On How To Stimulate Your Dog's Appetite

Written by Emily White | January 20th, 2018

A pet dog losing its appetite is not an uncommon thing. However, as common as the occurrence may be, it should be dealt with immediately. A dog should eat at least twice a day.

Be sure to watch the quantity your dog consumes on a daily basis. Experts and veterinarians always advice dog owners to learn their dog’s behavior. This way, you can quickly spot when something is wrong.

Also, you can be able to determine a decrease or complete loss of appetite. A loss of appetite in a dog is often termed as anorexia. This then, raises the question, what causes a dog to lose its appetite? And what should one do when this happens?

It is imperative that we discuss some of the reasons of appetite loss in a pet dog. This then, will help us build on how one can increase or stimulate the dogs appetite. Let us take a look at some of the reasons a dog may lose their appetite.

Why Your Dog Has Lost Its Appetite

There are a lot of factors that can influence a dog’s appetite. They include:

  • Vaccination: Having your dog vaccinated against diseases cannot be overemphasized. Yet, some vaccinations have some side effects such as loss of appetite.

  • Unfamiliar environment: A new unfamiliar environment can cause a dog to eat less. Especially if you recently moved to a new apartment, or even just switched the furniture around.

  • Dental problems: Dental pain can adversely impact appetite. Consider having your dogs teeth checked.

  • Sickness: This is a big one. If your dog is also exhibiting other changes of behavior, take him to a veterinarian.

How To Stimulate The Appetite of Your Dog

Finding out the cause will help you determine ways of dealing with the problem itself. It, however; important to note that there are more reasons than listed above. The tips below should help deal with a variety of reasons adequately.


Exercise Your Dog

Some experts have even recommended taking your dog for a walk before meal times. This, of, course, helps them build up an appetite. Moreover, it allows the dog to associate exercise time with meal times. This helps create a routine that your dog will recognize and look forward too.


Reduce Treats

This includes feeding dog food off of your plate. It doesn’t take dogs to realize that your food taste better than theirs. This will considerably impact their interest in their food. If you have kids, ensure that they don’t feed the dog table scraps as well.


Make Dog Food Taste Better

There are countless ways of doing this. You can always mix normal dog food with some canned food and so forth. Or even just dog gravy, changing the food from dry to wet. Change is always good.


Change Dog Food

Maybe you always purchase a particular type of dog food. Ask around for other types of dog food that are highly recommendable. Once you think you’ve found a brand you’d like to buy from, then try it.


Switch Things Up

Make mealtime something your pet dog can look forward to. Play a game before meal time, or have the dog play with a toy before and during meal time. Also, you can treat your dog after he finished his bowl. This should give him incentive to eat up.


In conclusion, there are many reasons that may cause appetite loss in dogs. If this happens, you can always switch up the type of dog food you use. Also, you can try visiting a dog nutritionist for more advise. If your dog’s loss of appetite may be due to illness, ensure that you see a vet. The vet may prescribe some medicine that could induce appetite.

Once Upon A Canine Christmas

Written by Emily White | December 4th, 2017

Tis’ the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner. The halls have been decked with holly, red and green is the theme everywhere, the Christmas tree is up and your favorite Christmas playlist is on, what else is left? The food! All your senses need to get into the spirit, no one gets left behind, not even our pets. Aside from the new collar you intend to get your loving companion: your pet, you should try spicing up the meals. As a pet parent, every aspect should be covered when it comes to celebrations. Let’s pretend that this is the only time that you get to impulse buy without any shame.

Stock up your storage with ingredients because your kitchen is the official party central. Meals like apple pies, hot chocolate with a cute striped candy cane and cinnamon stick topping off the whipped cream, gingerbread men with homes built to break down every tooth enamel, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables and plum pudding. That said, let’s go back to dog Christmas food, that’s our focus as pet parents.

My advice when making dog treats during the festive season, steer away from ingredients that are toxic to them. Do the necessary research, or just read this article.

Doggy Treat Taboos

  1. Soda and caffeine: these damage their nervous system and heart. The severity of the condition depends on the dog’s body and the amount they consume. Remember that prevention has always been better than cure.

  2. Mushrooms: they can be fatal to dogs so keep them away from any treat that they intend to consume.

  3. Macadamia nuts: these lead to the development of gallstones and bone weakness

  4. Garlic and onions: no matter the type of onion, keep it away from your dog because it will lead to liver damage and can be fatal.

  5. Avocados: yes, you are not the only one surprised by this. This perfect fruit causes fluid buildup in dogs’ lungs.

  6. Tomatoes: in this situation green means avoid. The greener the tomato the more the toxicity. They cause all sorts of problems and will lead to heart failure.

  7. Alcohol: it is not a dog’s best friend. Don’t listen to the myths, this causes seizures and heart failures, the worst is fatality.

  8. Baking soda, baking powder and yeast: this means it’s a no for pastries. They cause gastrointestinal issues and heart failures.

  9. Nutmeg: this is as common as a Christmas card now. Be careful and avoid eggnog and any nutmeg induced products.

  10. Grapes: when consumed there aren’t any immediate telltale signs. On the bright side if your dog consumes them, the veterinarian can pump the stomach.

It’s scary to think that one wrong ingredient could lead to a disaster, but do not worry there’s more than ten ingredients that make food delicious. Go an extra mile and bake the dog treats, remember, dog’s will eat anything that’s one reason why we love them.

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