A native Swedish woman in my mid 30s, currently living in the Pacific Northwest, a crazy dog mom and one of those annoying pet parents who talk to my three Shih Tzu in a high-pitched voice mixing two languages: Swedish and English, but I am proud to say that my dogs are bilingual. My dogs and I do everything together. And I mean everything! We go on the best adventures such as exploring the mountains of Washington to walking the streets of New York City. I never forget capturing these events with memorable pictures of my gang of three. My dogs are my best friends and I cannot imagine what life would look like coming home and not being greeted with wagging tails and barks for love. 

Etta Grue

     The purpose of The Blonde Dog Mom is to find inspiration through exciting articles about the love we have for our best friends. In my blog, I invite you into my life as a full-time dog mom where I hope you will be able to almost touch the feelings and the passion I have for dogs. Together we talk about anything we have on our minds in the forum. I want to make the world a better place for our dogs by bringing a global community together and encouraging each other to share their experiences, both good and bad concerning their four-legged furry friends. The Blonde Dog Mom is a place where we can share our knowledge and read inspiring stories about dogs.

Etta Grue

My Dogs

     Welcome to The Blonde Dog Mom! I am excited that you found your way to my site. Do not forget to leave paw prints before you exit.


     Woof! Hello, my name is Manhattan; I am a black baby Shih Tzu with white markings, only a few months old. I am the youngest and therefore I am the wildest! I like to put everything in my mouth to chew on. Especially, my Mommy’s shoes, the carpet, the pillows, and her handbags. But my favorite thing is to drag my wee wee pads from one side of the apartment to the other; it makes my Mommy go nuts.  Mommy is trying to teach me to go potty outside, I do not understand why I cannot just stay inside when it is warmer there? It does not make any sense. We have lots of toys in our home, my favorite is my tennis ball and I love Mommy’s homemade dog treats. I have just started to go to dog school and the best part of it is all the treats I get when I do what Mommy says.


     Woof! Woof! I am Oreo. I’m a three-year-old black and white Shih Tzu. I am the oldest of my siblings, so I kind of make the rules in our home. I have lots of toys and my favorite thing in this world is to fetch. I follow my Mommy’s shadow everywhere she goes, even into the bathroom – I just like being close to my Mommy.  I like to dance. Every time we invite guests to our house, I make sure to show off by sitting up and using my front paws like making dance moves. The best part of having guests over is when they accidentally drop food on the floor in my direction thinking Mommy does not see it. I like to take naps on my Mommy’s lap and it is such a wonderful feeling when she pets me.


     Woof! Woof! Woof! I am Marabou, a two years old red sable Shih Tzu. I thought I was the youngest until my Mommy decided to surprise us with another puppy and now; I have become the middle child in our family. My little brother is cool though and we play a lot. I am the barker in our family. I bark when I am happy, I bark when I am scared, and I bark when I want Mommy to pick me up on the bed in the middle of the night even though she has trained me to use the steps. The thing is, I just like to bark, but I bark for love! I am a little shy before I get to know you, but as soon as I lay on my back and want a belly rub from you, I have accepted you and we can be forever friends. I tend to steal my brothers food and treats, but that is because I am the queen of our house. Oreo thinks he makes the rules because he is the oldest, but he has got it all wrong.

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